Act 2. The Mystery Deepens

May the 17th, in the year of our Lord 1715

The companions were awake early, Jemmy had arose earlier than his friends and was already searching the area where the night visitor had collapsed. He was joined shortly by his colleagues who had already eaten a light breakfast. It had been a dry night but the foot prints were still visible as the grass was crushed and flattened from the nocturnal activity.

After some intense searching there was little to no evidence of the intruder. The grass was definitely flattened but there was no blood. A pistol ball at that range would have seriously wounded a man if not killed him outright. But no blood not even a splatter. Harry and his sixth sense for danger felt like they were being watched from the nearby tree line but did not tell the others. Thinking it was his suspicious nature playing tricks on him. The crushed vegetation continued toward the copse which suggested that the victim had been moved after his fall. The tracks were soon lost in the thick undergrowth of the forest floor.

Jemmy suggested that he and Silas followed the tracks into the forest to see if they could pick up the trail. The companions agreed and the others returned to the house to see if they could uncover any clues there. Harry took great offence at a comment from Nightingale that suggested his particular ‘skills’ would be useful in locating clues to an attempted housebreaking!

After several hours of fruitless searching by both parties they returned to the house to eat somewhat demoralised. However by now their combined adventurous natures had been peaked and all resolved to get to the bottom of the strange event.



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