Act 4. An Enigmatic Note

May the 19th, in the year of our Lord 1715

By early evening all the friends were back together at Greengables sharing their experiences of the day. Nightingale had already sent word into the village for a runner to deliver a message to Sir John Wootton the local JP, informing him of the murder at Curry Tracy. They were expecting a reply and no doubt later questioning all seemed to have the nagging feeling that all the events of late were somehow related and vowed not to rest until the mystery had been solved. The overriding concern was that of the similarity of both Stockley’s and the unknown woman’s murder; both had strangulation bruising around their necks. Dr Cardrew explained his previous experience with the bodies of execution victims at St Aldhelms showed similar evidence from the hangman’s rope. He did go on to say that he felt that the man who did the foul act would be extremely large and physically powerful to leave such marks.



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