Introducing ...

First an introduction to the participants:

  • Silas Toogood, a parson. Silas was educated in London where he confessed he acquired a taste for good ale. A jovial and friendly man who admits likes to mix with company above his station. His first encounter with the darker side of the world was when a murder was committed in his new parish of Barrowbridge in the rural West Country. This is where he first met a “base and worldly fellow” named Jeremiah Snare now a long term and unlikely friend.
  • Jeremiah ‘Jemmy’ Snare, a thief taker and ex-soldier. Serving under Marlborough and earning a reputation for “foolhardy courage” during the sieges of Bruges and Ghent. He retired from the army when the Earl returned to England in 1711. Experiencing the state of crime in the kingdom first hand when he was attacked by a band of footpads. He took it upon himself to become one of the few honest thief takers and try and do some good.
  • Harry Scrapps, a vagabond and thief. Scrapps is a noble thief if such a thing exists he lives by a self proclaimed code of honour and only steals from those who deserve to be fleeced. His skills prove useful but his outlook and taste for “wealth redistribution” often causes friction amongst his companions (especially Snare and Toogood). He is looked upon as a necessary evil, his comrades know that deep down his heart is indeed in the right place.
  • Dr George Edward Cardrew, a physician and amateur philosopher. Educated at Oxford and the Middle Temple, elected to the Royal Society in 1711. He has a keen interest in investigating prehistoric sites especially Avebury and Stonehenge, and collaborated with many academics. His copious manuscripts record myths, magical events, apparitions, comets and dreams. He is an accomplished surgeon and was exposed to the brooding darkness during his forays as an anatomist at St Aldhelms Hospital in London.
  • Cpt Richard Nightingale, an adventurer and captain in his majesty’s Royal Navy. He gained a reputation for being a fair but strict commanding officer. Before he joined the Navy he was a privateer for Queen Mary preying on French and occasionally Spanish vessels. A brave, honourable and noble man who one day will inherit his fathers title and become 5th Viscount Blackley with extensive holdings in the West Country.



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