This section contains an authoritative and comprehensive survey of the contemporary individuals from the world of Pandaemonium. In depth essays portray the most famous and infamous figures of Europe during the period.

The extensive range of entries describes figures from politics, the monarchy, the church, the military, the arts, literature, science, magick and industry, all reflecting the latest information. In addition, there are many essays portraying the most influential figures in European history, not just kings and prime ministers, but also writers and scientists, radicals and scholars, clergymen and sorcerers.

The section is predominantly fictional and authoritative but also accessible, and provides a unique picture of European figures covered by the setting.

Armand De Mauvais
Celeste Beauvisage
Delilah Withers
Eusebius Bleak
Fabian Wormwood
George Edward Cardrew
Grimaldi Maleficio
Harry Scrapps
Jeremiah Snare
Jezebel Thornhyde
Kaiser Von Eisenfaust
Lazarus Ketch
Lilith Loveless
Morgana Ketch
Obadiah Crabbe
Richard Nightingale
Septimus Hexam
Silas Toogood


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