Welcome to the world of Pandaemonium!

The Setting


The Past

The reputable occultist and French nobleman Armand De Mauvais renowned in circles of astrology, alchemy and necromancy and advisor to Louis XIV of France. Mauvais became partner of an Italian practitioner of the Dark Arts named Grimaldi Maleficio. Between them they began receiving visions compelling them to summon spirits and demons using ancient scripts. Using divination techniques taught them by their otherworldly allies they learnt the location of a great obsidian slab buried beneath London. This tablet allegedly would offer them unlimited power and true immortality. They learnt that the black stone was the hermetic seal to a dark place where thousands of millennia ago infernal creatures were unlawfully imprisoned by the archangel Michael. The Marquis knew at once it was his destiny to release these abominations into the world.

Mauvais and Maleficio gathered together a loyal band of ten disciples in an unholy mockery of the Apostles of Christ who became known as the Dark Martyrs. They began a ritual that would unlock this demonic gateway and plunge the land into a terrifying darkness for three whole days (as a total eclipse engulfed the sun). The stone tablet was shattered, the world seemed to be shaken to its very core. As a terrible result of this unholy ritual the city of London was engulfed in hellfire – it burnt for five days.

Clergyman huddled in their cathedrals and monks in their abbeys sensed a unspeakable evil had been unleashed. An ancient and terrible power had been released into the realm of man. Dark spirits emerged from the rift and disappeared into the world, the dead slumbered uneasy in their graves and many more began to walk the byways seeking only the destruction of the living. This hellish event became known in the Church as the Tenebration – translated as the Darkening.

Even those of pure heart seem powerless to stop it, the pious beheld this evil as it even infiltrated the inner sanctums of the Church. Followers of the Lord did what they could too defend the helpless and resist the temptations of the darkness.

What became of the deliverers of this infernal terror. No one knows, when the seal was broken and the fell spirits released; Mauvais and his adherents vanished. Perhaps they were consumed by the fire or even drawn through the portal into Purgatory. Everyone was now painfully aware of the suffering caused and dark forces they had unchained. All seemed lost as the world was slowly consumed and plunged into shadow.


The Present

Almost half a century later and the world is a shattered place, the servants of the Tenebration haunt the land seeking pleasure only in torture, agony and destruction. Many people have fallen to the evil, some seduced by power others tempted by promises, now all marked as heretics. These black hearted few worship and embrace the darkness. Undead spirits, restless corpses and the corrupted are the thralls of the Great Evil.

But there is still hope.

In his shadowy world there are those who abhor this unutterable evil, the fearless, the brave and the displaced. Deadly mercenaries, scholarly magicians, pious priests and ruthless inquisitors all fight the darkness with naked steel, black powder and the word of God. With these courageous individuals hope dawns like a burning candle piercing the curtain of the night, the people need these unlikely heroes now more than ever.

Welcome to the world of Pandaemonium