The following section details the occult and divine energies available to those who are talented or trained in their manipulation. The magic in Pandaemonium is divided into two schools of thought the first and commonest is Divine or Clerical magic. Although practitioners of this school very rarely refer to it as such. The second rarer but more dangerous school is that of the Dark Arts or Witchcraft.

The Dark Arts

The Dark Arts has connotations of evil unfortunately most wielders of this form of magick tend to be. There are a selection of scholars and academics who study witchcraft in the hope of overcoming the darkness that has engulfed the land. These spell binders are known as Warlocks if male or Witches if female.

Schools of Magick

There are ten ‘known’ schools of magick each area of study commands a different range of magickal powers for the practitioner to study. The schools that govern the ‘powers’ of magick are; Banishing, Cleansing, Divination, Domination, Evocation, Healing, Hexing, Necromancy, Protection and Witchery.

  • Banishing – The Banishing school of spells remove something or someone from the casters presence or an area, often permanently. Divine school.
  • Cleansing – The Cleansing school concentrates on the removal of magickal taints and spiritual debris. Cleansing also removes low level spiritual entities. Divine school.
  • Divination – The Divination school is the magickal art of receiving information about objects, people, distant places or future events. Divine school.
  • Domination – The Domination school contains spells that allow the caster to exert their will upon others through persuasion and influence. Infernal school.
  • Evocation – The Evocation school deals with magickal abilities that grant invisibility, personal transformation and illusion. Infernal school.
  • Healing – The Healing school grants the caster the ability to heal injury, remove poisons and cure diseases. Divine school.
  • Hexing – The Hexing school collection of spells is dangerous – Hexing is the ability to inflict harm, bad luck and curses. Infernal school.
  • Necromancy – The Necromancy school is the tradition most aligned to evil these spells deal in death, ghosts and the spirit world. Infernal school.
  • Protection – The Protection school is one of the most useful as it’s powers are used to protect against physical and magickal harm. Divine school.
  • Witchery – The Witchery school is closely related to the Hexing school most of its magick governs the use of the evil eye. Infernal school.


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